All my life, I have always designed things. It really started when I was 13 years old and was fortunate enough to get my very first Apple iMac, a 20" G4 to be exact. I started with Apple's basic program called Appleworks and worked on fun designs for friends and family. Fast forward to High School and that's when I was introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically an app called Photoshop. I quickly moved from Appleworks to Adobe Photoshop where I taught myself how to use the advance program. It wasn't until I attended college at Cal Poly Pomona and joined the ski & snowboard club when I started to take my hobby and skills seriously. This motivation pushed me to apply myself in helping the ski & snowboard club create and find a brand that was recognizable by everyone on campus. It also allowed me to land my first marketing design internship with a group of ski travel agencies. I now work for that same group of travel agencies while working on my own brand and my own company.