5 Years. 5 GoPro Cameras. 5,000 Minutes of Footage.

After 5 years of adventures, 5 different GoPro cameras, and 5,000 minutes of footage I wanted to make a short film of everything I had done in those years. You'll see where my passion for GoPro started and where it continues today. This short film is made up of various adventures starring myself, my family, my friends, and many amazing people who share the same passions as me!

LOCATIONS: Yucaipa, CA | Santa Cruz, CA | Berkeley, CA | San Francisco, CA | Wrightwood, CA | Big Bear, CA | Upland, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Dumont Dunes, CA | Huntington Beach, CA | San Diego, CA | Pomona, CA | Whistler, BC, Canada | Mt. Baldy, CA | Laughlin, NV | Jackson Hole, WY | Mammoth, CA | Anaheim, CA | Steamboat Springs, CO | Breckenridge, CO | Vail, CO | Carlsbad, CA | Newport, CA | Big Sky, MT